Metamorph-A-Sis: The transforming of a Daughter, brings it’s readers into the mental and emotional playing field of a black woman who suffers with a mental illness. This non-fiction discovery, outlining the symptoms and trauma commonly associated with mental illness and the heavy burden of stigma which breeds within our community. 


   After being sexually assaulted at the age of six, to dealing with the toxic generational curse between mothers and daughters within her own family, Lex Haley would grow up carrying a legacy of trauma, that would eventually create the tailspin for her demise.  At the age of seventeen, Haley was diagnosed as bi-polar type 1. To avoid the stigma attached to her diagnosis, Haley fled the reality of her illness, fearing the loss of her rising career and high-profile relationships with some of the biggest name in sports and entertainment. 


   The journey of denial, would leave Haley to deal with the a decade long spiral of emotional and mental ups-and-down’s, physical abuse, and sexual assault that would ultimately lead her to a final and grave decision. Throughout her process of healing, the parallel’s between Haley’s life and that of her mother’s became painfully obvious, bringing the generational cycle of trauma to full-circle. The more she became aware, the more she understood that the cycle didn’t just start with her. 

Metamorph-A-Sis: The Transforming of a Daughter